Training in a nutshell:

Documented and certified.

Wer ist ELSG?

All of ELSG’s staff are trained and equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills in accordance with their workplaces and the activities they need to carry out. At the same time, their knowledge and skills are constantly expanded through further education courses carried out continuously. Before an ELSG technician is entrusted with the maintenance of a product, they are given product-based training in accordance with the official training guidelines of the contractual partner, and are examined and officially certified to service this type of product. The entire process is documented and recorded.


Our quality management system goes far beyond the requirements that are demanded. Norms and standards are a component of our day-to-day working processes.

IT structure

A modern IT landscape is the basis for guaranteeing the high quality and efficiency of our services processes.


ELSG aligns its processes and activities in such a way that a contribution is made to general sustainability with regard to the environment and climate protection.