Signs of safety:

Our certifications

Wer ist ELSG?

ELSG has dedicated itself to providing repair solutions for highly-complex technical equipment and systems, which are carried out in accordance with the most stringent quality standards. In this respect, ELSG possesses special competences in medical and military technology that are also transferrable to other technical fields. In medical technology in particular, these competences are guaranteed by a comprehensive quality management system aligned to the internationally recognized  EN ISO 13485 and  EN ISO 9001. In this respect, essential aspects of the quality management include continuous improvement and compliance with all regulatory requirements to ensure high quality and smooth running.

The scope of the quality management system goes far beyond the requirements of the above-mentioned norms. Other standards, in addition to the  EN ISO 13485 and  EN ISO 9001 norms, are a constituent of our day-to-day work processes. Among others, they include  EN 60601-1 and  EN 62353, which are the basis for testing medical electrical devices and systems.

With many years of experience, ELSG is able to efficiently adapt itself to the changing requirements of the regulatory environment at any time. Thus new or amended standards and requirements can be integrated into the quality management system without any problems.

Quality has the highest priority in every respect, and this is reflected in the awareness of quality that is firmly embedded in all the employees.

IT structure

A modern IT landscape is the basis for guaranteeing the high quality and efficiency of our services processes.


Our employees’ knowledge and skills are constantly expanded through ongoing further training courses.


ELSG aligns its processes and activities in such a way that a contribution is made to general sustainability with regard to the environment and climate protection.