We think of everything.

And our IT thinks with us.

Wer ist ELSG?

To guarantee the high quality and efficiency of the service processes, ELSG uses a modern IT landscape that can do justice to their inherent complexity. In this respect, the company’s own ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, which it has developed itself over many decades, has steadily adapted itself to the changing requirements of the market and of customers with respect to quality and the rules and regulations. A sophisticated workflow system is able to control, document and track every work step occurring in the service process to create the highest possible transparency. Thus comprehensive statistical data material is available to customers, which they in turn can use to optimize their own processes.

ELSG’s own ES² web front end is available to the customer to transmit and track service orders. This system allows the progress of the orders to be inspected, cost estimates to be approved, repairs authorized, dispatch processes to be tracked and documentation of the service processes to be downloaded. The history of completed processes can be viewed at any time. If the customer has different national and international departments or affiliates, and/or collaborates with various distributors, this structure can be depicted in ES² and controlled via a sophisticated access rights system. Documents accumulated during the service process can be provided in five different languages (German, English, French, Italian and Spanish).

ELSG can respond promptly and flexibly to new challenges at any time through ELSG’s own highly qualified Software Engineering Department. If interfaces are to be created to establish seamless communication between the ELSG system and the customer’s system in order to increase efficiency, this does not pose a problem.

We attach importance to a high level of fail-safe performance. Our IT landscape is also designed accordingly. For this, we work together with highly qualified partners in IT support, who give us comprehensive assistance.


Our quality management system goes far beyond the requirements that are demanded. Norms and standards are a component of our day-to-day working processes.


Our employees’ knowledge and skills are constantly expanded through ongoing further training courses.


ELSG aligns its processes and activities in such a way that a contribution is made to general sustainability with regard to the environment and climate protection.