Our principle:
Lean processes, higher margin

Wer ist ELSG?

ELSG’s focus on equipment repair enables the highly efficient utilization of resources and infrastructure. This efficiency brings considerable savings for producers, OEMs and distributors who seek better margins for their service business. For example, ELSG has optimized the critical link in the supply chains of many global suppliers of medical devices, and is now a highly sought-after contract partner to repair and maintain medical products that are used in hospitals and clinics throughout the whole world.

ELSG can also transfer the same claim to quality in medical technology to other areas in which complex technical products need high-quality service in accordance with the ISO Standard. ELSG also has special competences in handling electronic components in military communications technology.

Customer Needs

Customer Satisfaction


Equipped with both state-of-the-art standard measuring devices and manufacturer-specific test equipment, ELSG can fulfill all of the contractual partner’s relevant requirements with regard to screening and test methods without any problems.


We offer what was manufacturers and distributors need: the know-how and technology for support and service over a product’s whole lifecycle.


ELSG can rework products as required by the contracting party, and carry out all the required hardware or software upgrades.

Lifetime Support

ELSG with its resources and infrastructure stands ready to help its contractual partner from the moment a product is launched onto the market until its “end of life”.

Spare parts management

As a result of the company’s own internal IT system, ELSG is in a position to guarantee a just-in-time, cost-efficient supply of spare parts.

Replacement devices

ELSG undertakes all the activities arising in the management of the contractual partner’s loan equipment pool.