Partnership on an equal footing.

And hand-in-hand service.

Wer ist ELSG?

Our customers are to be found, among other places, in the list of the 20 globally top-selling medical products manufacturers and distributors. Because we operate internationally, we look into the conditions and special circumstances of their national branches, and also support these in their in-house processes in relation to the service tasks we have undertaken. In particular, the characteristic feature of our long-standing partnerships is the reciprocal integration of service processes. In this respect, integration into the IT environment can comprise everything from automated processes and interfaces we ourselves have developed, to the manual entry of data into the customer’s system.

However, the size of the customer’s company or nature of the product does not play a big role for us. When undertaking service tasks for a product or product range, our R&D department together with the customer help us to examine whether and how the service can be designed to be economic and satisfactory for both parties.

We always attempt to adapt ourselves to the wishes and requirements of our customers as well as those of the market, and to continuously further develop our processes, our IT and our employees’ qualifications, in the course of which we build on a wealth of experience from more than 50 years in the technical service area.

What we do

ELSG looks after international electronic products providers as what is called a white label service, acting under the name of the contractual partner, and integrates itself fully and inconspicuously into the latter’s service procedures.

A manufacturer’s partner

Our more than 50 years of experience in technical service, together with our knowledge and presence on the international market, make ELSG the perfect partner for comprehensive product support.

Fields of competence

In addition to our competence as a service partner for medical devices, our know-how is transferable into many areas involving complex electronic products.