We offer what producers need:

Complete service and support.

Wer ist ELSG?

With over 50 years of experience in the technical service of highly complex equipment and systems, ELSG possesses the quality systems and tools, the know-how and the presence to offer comprehensive product support to international manufacturers and distributors worldwide. Existing processes and experience built up and expanded over decades in servicing and repairing medical products and other complex electronic devices, shipping them to and from customer’s locations, and extending all the way to changes and/or modifications against a background of a product recall, give ELSG the ability to successfully manage technologically complex equipment so as to maintain their ability to function over the entire lifecycle. ELSG is a recognized specialist company for the complete technical service of devices and systems used in hospitals, clinics and laboratories throughout the whole world.

In this respect, ELSG acts as a white-label service under the contractual partner’s name. By utilizing ELSG’s resources and infrastructure, your company can concentrate on developing the next generation of equipment and systems, and on the market share/market growth portfolio – and can do so while reducing costs at the same time!

What we do

ELSG looks after international electronic products providers as what is called a white label service, acting under the name of the contractual partner, and integrates itself fully and inconspicuously into the latter’s service procedures.

Our customers

We work for companies who are among the world’s top-selling medical product manufacturers and distributors.

Fields of competence

In addition to our competence as a service partner for medical devices, our know-how is transferable into many areas involving complex electronic products.