Our recipe:

Mature competence in an OEM service for electronic devices and components.

From the market launch, maintenance and repair of a technical product to training the end customer’s technical staff – ELSG offers solutions that free contractual partners (manufacturers/distributors/OEMs) from the troublesome, costly duties that “after-sales service” brings with it, and enable them to concentrate fully and completely on core tasks, namely on customer support and marketing their products.

Does your company have difficulties in meeting fluctuating demand in an unpredictable market? Does your company need to focus on innovation and customer care rather on than the time- and resource-consuming implementation of service and support? Do you have difficulty in reducing costs and effort to operate your service organization? Then we are the partner who ensures plannability, reliability and relief from stress.

ELSG has special service competences in the area of medical technology and military communications technology, and can also transfer the high demands that these require to quality management in other product areas in which highly complex technology needs a high-quality service.

ELSG on film: compact arguments. 

Convincing achievements and professional service

About us

Learn to know about a concept that combines excellent quality with innovative technology to yield an integrated offer of service.


We aspire to offer every customer the optimum. We offer you security through competent employees and an ISO-certified infrastructure.

A manufacturer’s partner

We offer what manufacturers and distributors need: the know-how and technology for support and service over the product’s entire lifecycle.

IT structure

With our company’s own ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, the IT landscape concept we have designed guarantees quality, efficiency and transparency at all levels of the process.